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You Should Not Be Responsible for Uninsured Motorists

Car accidents are expensive and traumatizing enough without realizing the person in the other car doesn’t have insurance. While some states require insurance companies to provide no-fault coverage, California requires all drivers to be responsible enough to pay for car insurance and requires insurance companies to provide uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. Some people opt out of this coverage with a waiver, possibly not understanding how many people on the road are driving underinsured.

UM and UIM Coverage Explained

If you bought insurance with full coverage, your policy protects you from UM and UIM. However, many people who can’t afford full coverage will ask for the bare minimum in insurance, meaning they might not have UM and UIM protection. While some insurance companies may explain this beforehand, others might not. In 2012, out of all drivers on California roads, 14.7% were uninsured. According to estimates by the car insurance industry, all drivers will file a collision claim about once every 17.9 years during their lifetime. If most people lived to 100 years old, they would get into a reported car crash at least 5 times in their lives.

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