Who Is Responsible?

Have Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Rancho Santa Fe Track Down Liable Parties

Determining the liable parties in an accident is one of the most important steps in your catastrophic injury case. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy process. In order to receive the maximum payout entitled to you, you will need to identify each party responsible for the accident- and they are not always obvious.

The Rancho Santa Fe catastrophic injury attorneys of LiMandri & Jonna LLP have years of experiencing litigating these cases and know what angles to pursue in order to find everyone responsible for an accident. Below we outline some of the less-obvious parties usually involved in catastrophic accidents.

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Employers & Property Managers

If you were injured by someone who was working a job, the employer may be a liable party. It is important for employers to hire responsible people that adhere to safety standards and provide them with the proper training and instruction to do their job. In a truck accident or collision with a delivery driver, the employer bears some of the responsibility for their employees' actions. So long as the employee was on duty and following company rules, the employer must answer for the circumstances that resulted in an accident.

Vehicle Owners

Anyone renting a car, driving a U-Haul, or borrowing a friend's car is directly responsible for any accidents they are involved in, but whoever gave them access to the vehicle should be investigated as well. Did the vehicle have proper maintenance? Did they check that the driver had a license before lending out the automobile? No stone can be left unturned after a catastrophic injury has occurred.

Product Manufacturers & Distributors

Injuries resulting from defective products are more common than many people realize. In addition to the product manufacturers, the patent holder, retail stores selling the product, and marketing companies that advertised the product may all be liable for the injury. Everyone who was involved in distributing the product to the public has a responsibility to ensure the items are safe. In the case of advertisers, an ad that misled consumers in the proper use of the product can result in injury, and the marketers' irresponsibility should be accounted for.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are not infallible, and there is a fine line between an honest mistake and a misdiagnosis that leads to a patient's injury. When a physician has harmed a patient through a mistake that the general medical community agrees could have been avoided, then they could be guilty of medical malpractice.

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These are just of few of the parties whose responsibility in an accident are a little less obvious. Our Rancho Santa Fe catastrophic injury lawyers know who and what to look at in order to track down everyone responsible for an accident. We are dedicated to helping victims of injury learn their rights to compensation.

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