Motorcycle Protective Equipment

Guidelines from Rancho Santa Fe Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Anyone who rides a motorcycle or has a loved one that rides one is probably aware of the risks motorcyclists face on the road. Nothing will make riding a motorcycle completely safe, but there is equipment available that reduces the chance of injury and protects the rider in an accident. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, make a note of all the safety equipment the rider had on during the incident. This information can help a Rancho Santa Fe motorcycle accident lawyer build a case for the victim's deserved compensation.

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Helmets are without a doubt the most important piece of safety equipment for motorcyclists. The head is the most vulnerable area in a motorcycle accident, and riders without them are three times as likely to suffer a brain injury. There is a resistance to wearing helmets among motorcyclists, claiming that laws forcing them to wear helmets are unconstitutional. If a rider was in an accident and was not wearing a helmet, they still have options for a personal injury lawsuit, but be aware that the payout may be less than it would have been otherwise.

Appropriate Footwear

Leather boots and sturdy athletic shoes go a long way to protecting the rider's feet and legs in an accident. Skidding is a major source of injury in motorcycle crashes, and protective covering on the legs can prevent road rash and scarring. Also, be sure to avoid sneakers and anything with shoelaces that could get caught in the bike's wheels.


Wearing gloves while riding a motorcycle helps the rider keep a strong grip on the handlebars. Being exposed to the sun can make the rider's hands sweaty and slip from the steering. In the event of an accident or the need to make a sharp turn, keeping a firm grip on the bike can make a significant difference in the motorcyclist's well-being.

Reflectors & Clothes That Stand Out

Motorcyclists can sometimes be hard to spot from a car's rear-view mirrors. In order to make yourself stick out more and reduce risks of drivers swerving into your bike, wear bright clothing and equip your bike with reflectors. Wearing an orange vest at night greatly increases your visibility on the road.

Goggles & Eye Shield Helmets

Eyes are very vulnerable when riding motorcycles. Even if the rider is not involved in an accident, bugs, dirt, and small rocks can fly into the eye while riding. Most riders wear sunglasses, but the best protection comes from helmets with visors or goggles. Wearing sunglasses will increase your risk of injury at night, and it is important to have one clear protective eye-wear equip on hand for when it gets dark.

Protective Clothing

Road rash is one of the most common injuries riders experience in a motorcycle accident. These are the result of the rider hitting the pavement and possibly skidding across the road, creating cuts and bruises. To reduce damage from these injuries, riders are advised to wear thick jackets and protective equipment specifically designed to protect a motorcyclist from a fall. Leather wear is a popular choice of riders for its aesthetic appeal and durability.


Airbags are now being incorporated into some new motorcycle models. Because they are still a new technology, your chances of pressing a lawsuit will not be negatively impacted if you do not have one. If you are interested in the newest innovations in motorcycle safety, research motorcycle airbags to find out which manufacturers are using the new technology.

If you were wearing all of the appropriate motorcycle safety equipment and suffered severe injuries, the equipment manufacturers may be partly liable for damages. Call (858) 247-3828 to consult with a Rancho Santa Fe motorcycle accident attorney.

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