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It is natural to feel overwhelmed after being affected by a catastrophic injury. The people responsible for the accident should do their part to aid in the recovery, but with all you have to deal with already, pursuing a lawsuit may seem like too much of a burden. At LiMandri & Jonna LLP, our Rancho Santa Fe catastrophic injury attorneys do their part to help victims of these severe injuries. The recovery received from a successful lawsuit can be a major asset for your future-you should not have to forfeit that assistance because of a challenging legal process.

We have compiled this information on catastrophic injuries to assist your recovery. The following pages have detailed information on what to do in the aftermath of catastrophic injuries and what to expect from a lawsuit.

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Catastrophic Injury Overview

In our overview of catastrophic injuries, we discuss what kinds of injuries qualify as catastrophic. Here you can learn more about what kind of accidents result in these injuries and the average financial recovery most victims receive from a successful lawsuit. We also offer insight we have gathered from working with catastrophic injury victims of what you can expect long term after suffering one of these accidents.

Who Is Responsible?

Here we review some of the parties typically responsible in an accident that results in catastrophic injury. There are several accidents where it can be difficult to determine who the liable party is. It is very rare that a person is directly responsible for giving themselves a catastrophic injury, but when the accident is the result of dangerous premises or defective products, many people end up blaming themselves and do not seek legal recourse. Do not take responsibility for an accident before speaking with a catastrophic injury attorney first.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

You can learn more about the different types of catastrophic injuries here. These injuries almost always warrant the need for an attorney. If you or someone you know has suffered one of the listed injuries, call LiMandri & Jonna LLP at (858) 247-3828 for a free case evaluation.

Helmet Laws & Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries. California has strict helmet laws for motorcycle riders, but many motorcyclists are resistant of these rules. On this page we detail how not wearing a helmet at the time of your accident will impact your case.

If you or someone you love has started riding a motorcycle and you are concerned about their safety, on this page we overview the safety equipment that will help prevent and protect a rider from injury. In the event of an accident, a rider who wears all of the proper equipment will have better chances of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

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