Brain Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

Brain injuries are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can manifest in a variety of different ways. Many of the symptoms are not immediately identified as brain issues, such as loss of appetite or inability to sleep. If your doctors are having trouble figuring out what is causing you to feel sick or unwell, suggest having your head checked for a brain injury. Even if you do not remember any accident that may have resulted in a brain injury, it is a good idea to have the tests. Some side effects of head trauma do not manifest for years, and victims may forget about the incident completely.

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How to Diagnose a Brain Injury

First and foremost, never attempt to diagnose a brain injury yourself. Only trained medical professionals have the tools and knowledge necessary to determine if you are the victim of head trauma. If your doctor told you that you were okay, but you later discovered that you did have a head injury, that physician may be held liable for medical malpractice. Always seek the proper medical attention if you even suspect that you have a head injury.

The following are some tools that can be used to check for brain damage:

  • Physical examination - Your regular physician can test your vision, reflexes, hearing, and cognitive abilities and check them against past results to check for alarming disparities.
  • Lab Tests - Sometimes determining a brain injury is as simple as checking metabolism, blood pressure, and other easily measurable factors for irregularities.
  • MRI - This machine can scan your brain, spine, and soft tissues for contusions, lesions, or other internal damage.
  • CT Scan - Similar to an MRI, a CT scan will X-ray your body for damaged blood vessels and internal bruising, as well as bone fractures.
  • EEG - Using electrodes placed on the scalp, an EEG records waves created in the brain. Analyzing the patterns, a specialist can determine if the subject's brain is exhibiting unusual behavior.
  • PET Scan - These scans are highly effective in diagnosing brain injuries in that they produce a 3D image of the brain. This scan uses special radioactive tracers that help doctors identify which parts of the brain might not be working correctly.

Treating a Brain Injury

Many brain injuries require long-term, expensive treatment. Most doctors do not want to take risks when it comes to brain damage and provide thorough treatment until they are certain the victim is capable of managing on their own without further risk of complications.

Surgery is sometimes required for a brain injury in order to repair damage the body is incapable of fixing on its own. Removing excess blood and relieving pressure in the skull are vital to healing from a brain injury. Treatment can also involve physical rehabilitation and cognitive therapy. Frequent visits to the doctor are important in order to for them to keep track of the victim's progress and estimate a time frame for complete recovery.

Have an Experienced Attorney Review Your Case

As treatment for a brain injury requires a lot of work over a long period of time, the resulting medical bills are fairly high. Suffering an accident due to someone else's negligence is a heavy burden to bear, you should not also be responsible for the costs of recovery.

The experienced Rancho Santa Fe brain injury attorneys of LiMandri & Jonna LLP can guide you through your options for financial restitution. You deserve to know if the legal system can help you after an accident, and for that reason, we provide free initial case evaluations to all victims of injury.

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