Causes & Symptoms of Brain Injuries

Insight from Practiced Rancho Santa Fe Brain Injury Attorneys

Symptoms of brain injuries may not present themselves for days, weeks, or even years after the accident. As a result, many people forget the incident and are at a loss for what caused the injury once they are diagnosed. You should speak with a doctor who can run through some of the scenarios that usually result in head injuries with you. As a jumping off point, our Rancho Santa Fe personal injury lawyers have compiled a list of some of the accidents many of our clients come to us with.

Be aware that we are not medical professionals. It is imperative that you discuss what you believe to be the cause of your injury with a doctor.

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Noncontact Head Trauma

Brain injuries do not just occur from a blow to the head. Whiplash, strokes, near drowning, electrocution, and diseases can all result in damage to the brain without the head ever making contact with an object. Unfortunately, many people do not even consider that they may have suffered brain damage after these incidents. The side effects do not always manifest right away, but when they do they can result in disability or even death.

Contact Traumatic Brain Injury

Contact brain injuries are categorized into closed and open head injuries. Closed head injuries describe blows to the head that do not penetrate the skull, like falling headfirst down the stairs. Sports accidents, slip and falls, and car accidents often result in these injuries. These injuries are usually worse than a penetration injury in that the entire brain can be affected.

A penetration injury will be readily apparent as it involves the head splitting open to expose the skull or brain. These injuries are usually the result of gun accidents or explosions. The damage from these injuries are usually limited to one spot but could result in irreversible brain damage.

In both of these accidents, the brain could be subject to bruising and swelling. When the brain hits the rough inner side of the skull, the sensitive material suffers severe side effects, including limiting the brain's supply to blood and oxygen.

Symptoms & Effects of Brain Injuries

The effects of a brain injury vary depending on which part of the brain was injured. Every brain injury should be taken seriously. What may not seem like a big problem at the time, could be the early stages of severe brain damage. Keep an eye out for the symptoms listed below after a brain injury


Concussions describe any blow to the head that knocks the brain around the skull. Anyone who has experienced a concussion should see a doctor as soon as possible as they are clear indicators that the brain has suffered trauma.

Symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty maintaining balance
  • Trouble speaking
  • Slow reaction time
  • Inability to concentrate

Memory Loss

Temporary or permanent amnesia are obvious signs of a brain injury. Memory loss can refer to the inability to remember events before the injury (retrograde amnesia), or being unable to remember events that occur after the accident (anterograde amnesia)


A hematoma is a collection of blood pooling outside of a blood vessel. They can sometimes be seen as dark spots on the skin near the affected area. Hematomas that occur in the skull are very dangerous, and a doctor may need to perform a CT scan to find them.

Falling Unconscious

Have anyone who has fallen unconscious should be examined by a medical professional immediately, even if they woke up a few seconds later. Even a short amount of time unconscious can result in severe and permanent brain damage.

Personality Changes

Any person exhibiting strange behavior after a brain injury should be examined by a doctor. Even if the victim views the changes as positive, there could be severe damage to the brain that, if not remedied, may result in debilitating health problems.

Reach Out to a Professional Immediately

The earlier brain injuries can be identified, the more receptive the victim will be to treatment. After being diagnosed, call LiMandri & Jonna LLP's team of brain injury attorneys in Rancho Santa Fe for a free consultation regarding your personal injury case. You can schedule a meeting by calling (858) 247-3828.

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