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There is a lot of information to process when dealing with a brain injury. At LiMandri & Jonna LLP, our Rancho Santa Fe brain injury lawyers draw on years of experience to help victims deal with the aftermath of their accident. Our team fervently works on building the case and dealing with the technicalities so that clients can breathe easy knowing that competent professionals are protecting their interests.

We work closely with clients to make sure they have a strong grasp on how their case is proceeding. The information on this page is a valuable asset for keeping up with the terms and procedures involved in a brain injury lawsuit.

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Brain Structures & Functions

The brain is not intended to make contact with the skull. When a jolt forces the brain to make impact with rough bone, the brain can suffer damage. The fluid around the brain is meant to absorb shock and prevent the brain from hitting the skull, but if the head is hit with enough force, the brain can break past this fluid and ram into bone. This can cause damage to brain structures and result in changes in behavior.

There are several brain structures that can be hurt as a result of head trauma, including:

  • Brain stem- This acts as the brain's connection to the rest of the body. Damage to the brainstem can result in paralysis.
  • Cerebrum- The cerebrum handles a lot of the brains activities, including cognitive functions, memory, and speech. If you are experiencing any issues in these areas after a jolt to the head, consult with a medical professional.
  • Cerebellum- This area of the brain controls muscle movement. If you are having involuntary spasms, your cerebellum may be damaged.
  • Diencephalon- If your emotions seem out of control, or you have experienced a loss of appetite, the diencephalon of your brain could have suffered damage.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Any trauma to the head could result in a brain injury. If the victim of an accident feels dizzy after a jolt to the head they should seek medical attention immediately. It is sometimes hard for victims to realize they have incurred damage to the brain as they may feel disoriented or have trouble putting thoughts together. Further, in a contrecoup injury when the brain makes contact with the skull, the damage is done on the side of the head opposite of where the impact was.

The following are accidents that frequently result in brain injuries:

Diagnosing Brain Injuries & Identifying Symptoms

As previously stated, effects of a brain injury can be subtle. There are, however, a few clear indicators of damage to the brain immediately after an accident, including loss of consciousness, confusion, difficulty speaking, memory loss, and vomiting. Our page on causes and effects of brain injuries goes over this in more detail.

There are numerous tools that can be used to check for brain damage, such as CT Scans, psychological testing, and MRIs. If you think you have a brain injury, having a doctor examine you is of the utmost importance. While testing for these injuries can be expensive, a personal injury lawsuit can recover damages for expenses spent on your diagnosis.

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Recovery from these injuries can be long, difficult, and expensive. The sooner you have a Rancho Santa Fe brain injury lawyer look over your case, the faster you can build your argument and provide the victim with the proper treatment.

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