Types of Bad Faith Insurance

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Bad faith insurance claims vary depending on whether it is a first-party or third-party incident. To give you a better idea of what kind of bad faith claim you can pursue in each case, our Rancho Santa Fe bad faith insurance attorneys can meet with you and discuss your case. For your convenience, we have compiled a brief summary of the different kinds of claims you can make in each type of bad faith insurance.

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Examples of First-Party Bad Faith

  • Payment delays - If there is a long gap between the investigation of a claim and the payout, speak with a lawyer. The longer you go without the insurance money, the harder it is for your financial situation. Insurance companies have a duty to work quickly.
  • Failure to process a claim - Once you have filed a claim, the insurer must investigate, obtain proof of loss, and process the payment. If your claim was denied without the company taking every step needed to validate it, then they may have committed bad faith practices.
  • Denial of valid claim - Anytime you suffer an accident covered by your insurance policy and have your claim denied, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Poor claim investigation - Some insurers do the bare minimum in investigating a claim, and look for any excuse to avoid payment. In other cases, the insurance companies over-investigate a claim, forcing the insured to wait an unreasonable amount of time for payout.

Examples of Third-Party Bad Faith

  • Failure to defend insured - Liability insurance providers have a duty to defend the insured from actions by a third party. When the insurance company fails to protect their insured's best interests, bad faith practices may have occurred.
  • Refusing to settle - Many insurance companies deal with legal professionals on behalf of their insured after an accident. Part of their job is to prevent the situation from escalating and settle the matter as quickly and reasonably as possible. Dragging out the process is not in the best interest of their insured.
  • Failure to communicate - When the insurance company is handling a settlement on behalf of the insured, they are required to inform their party of all settlement demands. The insured has the right to be informed-if any information was omitted by the insurer, it may be considered bad faith.

Consult With an Attorney About Bad Faith Insurance

When an insurance company is not acting reasonably, you will need a Rancho Santa Fe bad faith insurance lawyer to protect your interests. You could be entitled to additional damages for the emotional distress from dealing with the difficult situation the insurance provider created.

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