Bad Faith Insurance Procedures

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Many people drop the issue after an insurance company has denied their claim. Insurers are counting on people taking their word as law so they can get away with denying hundreds of valid claims every year. You may have the desire to fight back but are intimidated at the thought of fighting a powerful company's legal team. Remember that you have options.

Filing a bad faith insurance lawsuit is not too complicated. Our Rancho Santa Fe bad faith insurance attorneys are pleased to provide you with a brief rundown of what a typical case entails. You can review the information below or contact us directly
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First Steps

Before resorting to legal action, try to reach out to upper management at the insurance company after a denial of claims for a reevaluation. If that doesn't work, it will at least help your case when to demonstrate to a court that you made several attempts to have the insurance company payout your valid claim.

Keep a record of your interactions with the insurance company, including:

  • Names and titles of everyone you spoke to
  • Notes on anything an insurance agent said that seemed strange to you
  • Copies of any written correspondence with the insurance company
  • Dates of the days you spoke with insurance company employees

Finding an Attorney & Filing Your Claim

After reaching out the insurance company has failed, it is time to consult with a bad faith insurance attorney about your case. If the lawyer believes you have a case, he or she will then send a letter to the insurance company informing them of your complaints and the legal action that will follow. This may be all it takes to end the matter, as it is often cheaper to pay the policy rather than risk a lawsuit. Even if they do pay, you can continue with the bad faith claim for additional damages.

The Discovery Phase

After a lawsuit is filed, the attorney will then begin gathering evidence to bolster your case. This will involve obtaining relevant documents from the insurance company, questioning various employees, and reviewing the claims file with the insurance adjustor's notes on your claim. Your attorney will review the insurance company's standard procedures, state mandates for insurance company regulations, and the circumstances regarding your claim and create an argument that should prove to a court that you were the victim of bad faith.


The insurance company may try to settle the case before it goes to trial. This will give both parties a chance to discuss what damages are entitled to the insured without having to deal with courtroom rules. In case an agreement cannot be reached, make sure you have a lawyer ready to go to trial to fight for your best interests.

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Are you ready to speak with an attorney? If so, our Rancho Santa Fe bad faith insurance attorneys are ready to hear you out. As you can see, these lawsuits are not too complicated when you have competent legal representation on your side. Don't let the insurance companies push you around- fight for the money you are entitled to after an accident.

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